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Mangigi Pays-Bas
Postbus 96
2050 AB Overveen


Copyright Mangigi Holland
Patent Pending. Dutch Design.
Not suitable for children younger under the age of 3 Contains small parts

Mangigi Holland wants to contribute to a healthier way of eating by
selling Mangigi. Not only in The Netherlands but also
in countries where a varied meal isn't always the case.
Buying our product means you support the projects
Por Eso! Greenhouses Peru.
Thanks to this foundation children are being taught at school how to grow their own vegetables together with their poor family. It seems so simple but without these greenhouses and kitchen gardens they will only eat potatoes, or even nothing at all! A project like this takes about two years before they can support themselves

Jamie Oliver:
"If 1 person teaches 3 people how to cook
and that repeats 25 times,
the problem will be solved."


Everyone does his or her own part
Thank you and have fun eating!





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