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Leave one compartment empty
"You can leave one compartment empty. When the pointer stops pointing at that compartment then that person may think of an assignment to do, for instance 'Mom, you may not have a bite of the cauliflower but we do!', or 'Daddy, you may not spin the spinner for one time', or 'we all eat with our fork in our left- hand'.
Linda, editor of a magazine.

"When the pointer points at the compartment then the one who spinned may ask a question, like: 'In which country do oranges grow?', or 'which animal has a long neck?'"
Mieke, graphic designer.

You can download more questions here to get started using Mangigi.

What if my child doesn't join in?
"If a child isn't participating in the game then you'll just move on to the next person. Whenever the child has taken a bite he's allowed to spin again.
Heleen, teacher at a school in Alkmaar.

What if my child continues to eat?
" You've achieved your goal! It is great when your child eats while someone else spins! But to be allowed to turn the spin again he first needs to eat the thing the pointer points at."
Miriam, designer of Mangigi.

The assignments and/or questions need to take place at the table during the meal

The Mangigi is not a must. If nobody participates anymore then just put it away. This game doesn't have an end, it is only a nice start of a meal!

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